The Value of Dental Implants: A Patient Perspective


Here are two mind blowing figures to kick-start this blog: $5.9 billion and $4.8 billion. One is the estimated dollar value of the dental implant industry in 2022 and the other is the gross domestic product of a major industrialized nation.

Give up which one is which?

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Is Oral Sedation Right for your Dental Practice?

Oral Sedation

Let me paint you a little scenario and see if it (or a variation of it) resonates: a patient walks into your dental practice and declares “I haven’t been to the dentist in years because whatever the last guy did, hurt like hell.”

It’s a fact. Dental phobia is a well-documented phenomenon. While statistics on the subject fluctuate, studies find that about a third of patients will delay treatment simply out of fear. For some, it’s the sound of a drill. For others it’s the anticipation of needles. For others still, it’s a combination of forces at work, with the catalyst being an earlier poor experience.

Dental care delayed means an increased risk of oral disease, inflammation and bleeding, cavities, and eventually, lost teeth.

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Medical Toursism Coming to an Island Near You: Dominican Republic Attracting More Than Sun-Seeking Sojournes

Morning Cup of Coffee

With the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane season less than two weeks away, it might seem like an odd time to discuss Dominican Republic tourism. June, after all, is among the island’s wettest months and it’s the time of year where cold-winter beach destinations across North America and Europe are in their glory.

But for government organizations, private tourism groups, and a litany of restaurateurs and hoteliers, there’s no such thing as an off season. There’s only preparation for next season. And when it comes to promoting a very special type of international travel — medical tourism — the Dominican Republic is moving full steam ahead.

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Dental March Madness: New Study Confirms Tooth Decay Still A Rotten Problem

My Home Office Tour

Sometimes you have to marvel at our species’ collective progress. Almost every day breakthroughs in science and technology are transforming how we live and interact with the world around us. In medicine alone, new theories of disease, new vaccines and new treatment methods promise to vastly extend human life. Last month it was reported again that sometime in the not-too-distant future, many of us could be living to around 120.

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